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Your Connection to Green Power

Look for our Green Power Alternative Demonstrator (G-PAD)
powering up local festivities in the Columbus area this summer.



NECA's Workforce - IBEW

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is committed to the advancement of the wages, benefits and working concerns of all electricians. The Central Ohio Chapter Contractors work with apprentices and journeymen from Local 683 - Columbus; Local 575 - Portsmouth; Local 688 - Mansfield; Local 1105 - Newark, and Outside Electrical Local 71. All IBEW members are trained through the National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (NJATC) sponsored by both NECA and the IBEW.  In addition, all IBEW members participate in drug free training and testing, and must carry a drug-free card.

Once trained as a Journeyman, the IBEW electrician can participate in ongoing education to become a Foreman or Project Manager.  Other technical and safety classes are available to enable these workers to continue their education in order to maintain their status as the most qualified, well-trained electrical labor force in the marketplace.





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