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LMCC - Labor Management Cooperation Committee

Our mission is “to improve the relationship between signatory employers and the IBEW at all levels, to explore ways to work together to become more competitive, to implement programs that increase employment opportunities for these employers and their employees, and to promote the value of union electrical work to the end user.” – Mission Statement of the NLMCC.

The programs of the LMCC have been developed from recommendations by the membership of both NECA and the IBEW, local unions, and chapters.

The LMCC goals:

  • To improve communication between representatives of Labor and Management.

  • To expand and improve working relationships between workers and managers.

  • To provide workers and employers with opportunities to study and explore new and innovative joint approaches (Blue Print for the 90’s) to achieving organizational effectiveness.

  • To ensure and develop standards regarding the continuing education of the Journeyman Wireman.

  • To foster improvements in occupational safety and health and other working conditions in the construction industry.

  • To provide a meaningful marketing program.

  • To implement a mechanism to benchmark current market share and future market share trends as a result of programs initiated and/or administered by this Committee.

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