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NECA's Workforce - Apprenticeship Programs

The Electrical Trades Center of Central Ohio provides quality education to individuals pursuing a career in the electrical field. The program implements both classroom and on-the-job training to supply students with the necessary knowledge and experience to be successful workers in their field. We understand that our students come from a wide background of experience and offer a variety of educational paths and options so that you may tailor your education to your background and interests.

Why become a union electrical worker?

  • Union wages: The current hourly Journeyman rate of pay is over $25 per hour.

  • Union benefits: Employer paid health care, employer paid pension contributions and employ paid annuity contributions.

  • Union training: On-the-job training supervised by a skilled Journeyman and classroom instruction.

  • Union membership: Job security with over 725,000 members nationwide with professional representatives.

Available Programs

The Electrical Trades Center of Central Ohio offers three apprenticeship programs:

Advanced Standing Program

If you have been employed in the electrical construction industry and are interested in the apprenticeship program, the Electrical Trades Center will grant on-the-job training hour credits with proof of previous experience.  In addition, a placement test is available for those who wish to advance their training. Students with prior college experience can request to have those courses evaluated to possibly meet some of the Associates Degree General Education requirements.

Apprentice Inside Wireman

Commercial-Industrial Electrician is a more generic occupation title for this highly skilled electrical worker. This five year program covers every type of work found “inside” a customer’s property line, including: power generation, distribution, utilization, as well as alarm, lighting, communication systems, environmental control systems, process control systems. Virtually, any electrical or electronic system found in today’s modern building or factory is considered an Inside Wireman’s scope of work.

Apprentice Installer-Technician

This three year program has an intense focus on high technology, low voltage signal, data and communication systems. These skilled technician's scope of work deals entirely with low voltage, limited energy systems, nurse call systems and the like. This is truly a classification that will see tremendous growth, not just as an industry, but for properly prepared individuals as well.

Apprentice Outside Lineman

Check back or contact the Outside Lineman Training Director listed below.

These award winning apprenticeship programs are registered with the United States Department of Labor and the Ohio State Apprenticeship Council. For more information about our apprenticeship programs, how to apply, and the latest wage and benefit information, contact one of our Training Directors listed below.

COHNECA / IBEW Apprenticeship Program Contacts:

Local 575 Training Director:
Matthew L. Louanglath
Electrical Training Academy
175 Beaver Creek Rd
Piketon, Ohio  45661
Office: (740) 289 2099
FAX:     (740) 289 5846
Cell:     (740) 414 3001
Email:  ml@electricaltrainingacademy.org
Local 683 Training Director:
Stephen Lipster
Electrical Trades Center
947 Goodale Blvd
Columbus, Ohio
(614) 463 5282
FAX: (614) 463 5252
Local 688 Training Director: 
William Thompson
Mansfield JATC
67 S. Walnut St.
P.O. Box 2831
Mansfield, OH
  (419) 526 6330
(419) 522-0705
Email:  Thompsonwilliam@yahoo.com

Local 1105 Training Director:
Robert Norris
Newark JATC
5805 Frazeysburg Rd.
Nashport, Ohio
Office: (740) 452 5348
  (749) 565 0211

Outside Lineman & Traffic Signal/Street Lighting Apprenticeships

Local 71 Training Director:
Dan Dade - American Line Builders JATC


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